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Testimonials of regular people like you and me, from all around the world. Find out what they're saying about us . . .

" It's such a simple idea! I can't believe no one has done this yet. It's so easy way to help people out and you feel great at the same time."

ON, Canada

" With Karma Deeds I can keep track of who I help and how I've helped them, and have fun at the same time."


" It's a smart way of using a networking site to help others. Finally a website that is for 'The Greater Good'! "


" Karma Deeds is a fun way to really make a difference to someone's day, by donating my time and not just cash."

NSW, Australia

" When you work full time it's so hard to do all the housework. Through Karma Deeds, someone helps me and I can 'pay that karma back' and help others. "

Birmingham , UK

" Me and my mates are on Karma Deeds because it's a cool way to help each other out. My Zing account is pretty healthy now too! "

WA , Australia

" Even though I am busy at work, I still try to give something back to my community. I have helped people and made great friends at the same time. "

Bihar , India

" I do some small tasks for my mother and she rewards me with Zing, which I can save or pass onto my friends to brighten their day. Everybody is happy! "

Osaka , Japan